Hey I'm Harrison. I am a photographer, videographer and music producer

“Are You Still the Same Person?” second single was released. A bittersweet anthem about how change is inevitable. I first wrote the lyrics in 2020 when I was reflecting on past relationships and friendships before lockdown, wondering if these people I once were inseparable from were still the same people. I self-produced all the instrumentals, there is a drum with an echoed effect which portrays the explosive emotions of the song along with a heavy bass to emphasise how deeply change can hurt. The music video which will be released on the same day was filmed as part of my final project for LJMU Media Production. The music video is self-directed and edited and parallels the lyrics of change in a relationship. I plan to promote these themes and visuals on social media and encourage change!

Debut single “Friday the 13th” delves into the complexities of modern romance. The song captures the push and pull of emotions that many of us have experienced in casual flings, where affection seems to appear and vanish unexpectedly.

With many unreleased tracks waiting to be shared, I am committed to delivering quality music consistently as an independent songwriter, producer, and vocalist. I graduated this year from university BA (Hons) in Media Production at Liverpool John Moores University. While I may be new to the music scene, my passion for music has been a lifelong journey, and I’ve been consistently practising my craft. I am now ready to share my work with the world! I also have history radio hosting music show ‘Recent Releases’ from 2017-19 for Redshift Radio, Nantwich.

I am constantly creating various forms of content, whether that be a personal project, paid project or university assignment. I am a photographer, videographer and music producer. My photography Instagram is @youthoflies. My personal Instagram is @itsharrisonjay. I love to work with anyone who wants amazing content to be created! I can also assist with helping you book shows for the theatre since I am also a ticketing assistant! I also have history in radio, producing and hosting ‘Recent Releases’ every Sunday for Redshift which is a charity and former radio station based in Nantwich. I live in Cheshire but I am happy to travel to create a masterpiece.

I have been filming and editing videos for as long as I can remember. I have a keen eye for capturing cinematic shots. I am happy to help provide any advice and insight I can offer for the production of creative projects. 

One of my favourite creative passions is music. I started producing music in 2018 when I studied Music Technology at Cheshire College South and West. I continued producing and improving on my skills more so once I finished the course. Over the past few years, I have produced a wide range of songs and compositions. I may only have one solo release music publicly on streaming platforms. However, I have a lot of music that I plan to release hopefully very soon! I have also wrote for other bands such as German indie rock band The Storks. I will publicly announce when I will release music on my social media. 

Collaboration is at the heart of what I do. I believe in working closely with clients to fully understand their vision, preferences, and goals. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or need assistance in developing your sound, I am here to provide guidance, suggestions, and a collaborative environment that nurtures your creativity.

Recent Media Accomplishments

(Nov 2023) Cybersecurity campaign  for LJMU. I was behind the camera for the creation of 3 adverts featuring a human seagull mascot and student. The adverts was shortlisted in 2 categories at the Piccaso Privacy Awards Europe 2023 and managed to win the ‘Bridging the privacy and security gap ‘ award. Thanks to Fabian, Frankie, Patrick, Luiza and Meg for helping me create the campaign and thanks to Tina for submitting the campaign to the Piccaso Privacy Awards. 

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