Fourth self-produced single 'Mount Kilimanjaro' out now!

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Synopsis for ‘Aroma’ – An upbeat party song with dark undertones particularly in the lyrics. The song combines trap, pop and dance to create an unforgettable anti-love anthem. The song will be released on Valentines Day which I chose because of the poignant message against stagnant romance. The song does not contain swear words but has an explicit nature, particularly in the first verse. Aroma highlights the ways romance and dopamine control our decisions. The song uses upbeat melodies and catchy wordplay to express how romance can consume the soul, comparing it to substances. The song is entirely self-produced using Soundtrap and Logic Pro X. I wrote and produced this song in 2021 after a lockdown relationship which ended sourly. I intend to use social media heavily with consistent visuals and performances and pitch the song to playlists & radio. A rising star is in the aroma.

Synopsis for ‘Are You Still the Same Person’?. The song continues the reflective viewpoint of heartbreak portrayed in ‘Friday the 13th’, but with the focus being more so longing and missing someone who has changed. The song conveys doubt and pain of a past relationship. The song has a bittersweet energy despite still being an upbeat track. The song has a powerful bass and percussion that captures the yearning of the past. The acceptance that the connection will never be what once was. 

Reminiscing a powerful past relationship, from the perspective now that time has passed. The song doesn’t wish for things to be different, it instead is about acceptance that change is inevitable. The music video which will be released on the same day also capturing the reflection of past love.

The song uses a gentle guitar rhythm that sways and gives the vibe of spiralling. This relates to how the self-written lyrics are spiralling thoughts of the past, understanding that the split was necessary. I also use a heavy bass to passionately portray how hard hitting these memories are to me. The instrumentals are self produced using Soundtrap, vocals were then added and mastered in Logic Pro X.

The music video was filmed in various locations in North West UK. Locations include Moreton Corbet Castle (also the location of the single artwork), Queen’s Park and the George’s playing fields in Crewe, Brereton Heath nature reserve and woods in Shropshire. 



I am so excited to announce the release of my debut single ‘Friday the 13th’. This song and music video means a lot to me, the song is a reflection of times where I’ve fallen too deep in love with casual flings. The song is a journey of growth of self-worth, conveying that you know the truth of casual flings and that they are temporary. 

Lyrics self written (I wrote the lyrics and melody YEARS ago actually)

Instrumentals self-produced using Logic Pro and Soundtrap

Vocal layering and mastering done by just me again

I chose the date ‘Friday the 13th’ because it parallels how the lover shows interest ‘once in a blue moon’ the same way how often the date appears in a calendar.

Visuals starring the lovely Sona Areej as the female love interest, and myself.

Indoor scenes were filmed in LJMU’s Redmond’s Building using projectors and free to license Adobe Stock footage. The projection scenes were filmed by myself technically with a tripod.

Green Screen Scenes of me falling were also filmed in Redmonds, thanks to Joe Thorne for holding the chair i purposely fell from. Thanks to Fabian Nowak for filming me. I fell onto an air mattress covered in green fabric. For the shoot, I had to bring the mattress with me and back on a train to Liverpool from Crewe.

Outdoor scenes were filmed by Fabian Nowak and Luke Torrington in Liverpool Albert Docks and on the roof of the John Lennon Art & Design building

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